Carterville, Illinois

I have never in my life worked for a more violent, degrading and discriminatory business. Having an education and as well, management experience in the past...

I feel absolutely ignorant for having taken that job. They lie to customers, sales people are under paid and forced to work unpaid hours of over time. The management called us in for daily meetings that consisted of name callingsuch as '***, spineless, ***'. 'Eff this, eff us, eff everything'.

Every other word is a vulgar demeaning rage filled 'vent' for them directed at staff. They outwardly admit to being upset for not getting their bonuses due to 'us'. We'd work very hard for them and they would lie about our sales and yell if we even let customers leave to go pick up children, etc. I plan on reporting them asap.

I am a very strong minded individual and can take a lot of stress. The management is literally so horrible that when I would come home from working a 9 hour shift with no lunch break, I was sick to my stomach. I've never in my life been so disgusted by the way I saw other sales people, customers and myself treated. Do NOT buy from them, they will over charge you and put you in a horrible vehicle.

Its all aboutflipping cars for them, they laugh at getting over on people while they wait excitedly to get into their new vehicle.

If no one else has the gall to report them.....I do. It's a matter of being treated with any kind of humanity for customers and employees.

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Marion, Illinois, United States #1244501

You should have worked better for us loser! Ward Chrysler FTW!


Very true statement by original poster

West Frankfort, Illinois, United States #992763

I worked there for two weeks as a salesman. They are liars and cheats.

One of the other salesman either tried to get me to smoke pot with him or tried to get me to buy some from him. Very bad place to work.


I worked for them in the past and documented everything that happened while I was there. It wasn't long ago.....

I'm with you on reporting them and actually have already been in the process already. Waiting to hear back and turn in my documents.

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