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Last Saturday my mother and I went to the Hyundai dealer ship in cape and got treated very poorly. The salesman refused to let us look at any car on their lot unless i did a credit application.

I told him that i was not ready for that yet. since i did not know whT THEY HAD. hE THEN WENT and got his salesmanger who demanded that i give him my financial information. He then proceeded to ask me how much money did I have.

This is very rude.

They are too pushy and very unprofessional. Who ever heard of not being ablr to see the car before you buy it.

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Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States #594061

Comments are not good. Not even going to try to look there even tough I'm paying CASH


The service department at Ward Hyundai should be called the nonservice department. You wait around forever just to have them try to sell you hundreds of dollars in stuff you don't need, when all you want is an oil change.

The lady in charge, well I have seen her scream and yell at employees right in front of customers AND she smells like stale beer and cigarrettes! How unprofessional to have someone like that in charge. No wonder there are different people working there all the time--I have heard that the good ones get run off or are fired. Who wants to work with a bunch of stoners and alcoholics who dont give a care about anything but getting that money.

That place is a chaotic mess and after this last time, I am going elsewhere. Shame on Ward Hyundai--your management team is way subpar.


I just purchased my first that I did from step 1 by myself. Garrison was my salesmen and he was upbeat, fun, and professional.

He did a great job and I commend him for that. Chad did the financing and was also very professional, not to mention personable.

The guy was even nice enough to buy my dinner b/c I hadn't had the chance to eat before going to the dealorship. I would recommend Hyundai to anyone!


Appearantly it's an ongoing issue with this franchise! I looked at a dodge charger at the cape location, and have always wanted one!

I have excellent credit rating and I knew I could afford the car and then some! What aggravates me about this was that before u even get in the vehicle they want to pull your credit rating! I understand that they r busy "selling cars" but pulling my credit before even knowing if I want that specific car puts a negative hit on my credit by adding a inquiry on it! I'm sorry but have worked hard maintaining my credit score and that negative factor can lower my score!

I went ahead and did the credit report so I could look at the car! Of course, they realized they had a buyer and proceeded to force me to "check out" a new Hyundai which I told them I was not interested in! After 20 minutes of waisting time on the Hyundais, and 20 minutes on the credit app I finally got to get into the charger! I drove it and loved it!

It had everything I wanted and had decent mileage on it! So I attempted to haggle a price out of the salesman, which I was told they don't put prices on the cars! What car lot does not price their vehicles??? Well they proceeded with the paperwork and came back with a price of $16,000, a good price!

So we haggled prices and eventually was told I needed to come up with $2,000 down... What? Really! Even with my credit you require a downpayment?

Lol whatever! I told the salesman I would think about it and get back to him! I thought hard all night and decided I had a vehicle which I had let my son use and is no longer needed, so I would trade instead of using my cash! I went the next morning, stood there for 40 minutes without a word spoken to me!

Right before I was about to leave, I was stopped by another saleman who came from no where... Told him my intentions and to get my salesman. My original salesman came to me a few minutes later and I discussed my plans with him. He left to speak with the finance manager.

I was then approached by the the previous salesman, and he sat me down and went over the terms. I was then told that I needed my trade which was agreed at $4000 plus $2,000 cash down payment! So $6000 down on a $16,000 car??! Thought to myself well owing $10,000 on a charger is not bad and payments would be extremely low!

Sounded good to me, so I agreed! He left and came back later with the paperwork, we started going over it and I was informed that my payments would be $337/mth for 60 mths! If you do the math, that is just over $20,000 for a $16,000 car and $6,000 down! I asked what the deal was, and was informed the car was $25,000 before the down payments!

What??? So not what I agreed on! I expressed to him what agreement was with my original salesman, and was told " I'm not sure where he got that price?" he then went back to the finance manager with my concerns...I was then approached by yet another "salesman"! Again, I was asked to "update" their paperwork!

3 times now! This is insane! I agreed to a price and car! Get me what I agreed to or your waisting my time!

I am not playing this cat and mouse game, I agreed to a price of $16,000 and a trade of $4000 and a down payment of $2,000 leaving $10,000 to be financed on this car! I don't care how the original salesman got the price, but that is what I had been told! After haggling between the third salesman and the goofball finance manager, I realized that I was waisting my time! I left the lot 5 hours later without the charger!

However; after a quick lunch stop, I visited the local Ford Groves! Within a couple hours I left in a dodge charger that had less mileage and same options as what I had previously looked at! Also paid $16,000 for it, received $5,000 for my trade! Financed just over $9,000 for my charger and payments are $305 for 36 mths!

What a deal ward missed out on! (of course I took a detour through ward on my way home and waved to my salesman from the window of my new prize possession! Would definitely not recommend Ward to anyone I know!

I know a lot of people who have the money to spend! Most likely will recommend Ford Groves in the future!!!


They are very pushy at ward Hyundai and very unprofessional. Consumers have the right to shop for the best vehicle for their money.

Since when is it of concern to the dealership if you can afford a vehicle? I went there and spent 4 hours negotiating a price before finally agreeing on it, then the general manager came out and killed the deal. Also they have a $2500 dealer mark up on their vehicles called a diamond plus package. Please refuse to pay this.

It is a junk fee and of course they will lie about that. Do your research on how to negotiate a car purchase and go in prepared. When they start acting like you are an ***, do the smart thing and leave. Immediately.

Don't fall for their high pressure tactics.

Maybe go buy a vehicle somewhere else, go to ward with it, and tell them the salesman you bought from said thanks for being a ***. He appreciates the commission.


Folks, we sell a lot of cars here. We'd hate to waste our time AND YOURS showing you a car that is out of your price range.

This is not an unreasonable process.

Ask any of our 124 satisfied customers from last month. Just satin.


Don't advertise to that type of customer then if you don't want them in your showroom


The reason being a dealership does that is because they dont wanna wasre thers time if u cant buy they will kick u out y show a car and spend a hr w a customer and they have poor credit guess what u now then wasted thatt mans time and prolly lost out of a sale to a person that could buy



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